Terra Bioindustries is a Toronto, Canada-based start-up designed to create multi-industry solutions from agrifood waste. In 2019 the co-founders, Steve and Ricardo, realized the immense potential of spent grains and focused on unlocking the possibilities. The duo developed a platform that can break open the grains and separate the valuable components without compromising functionality.

     The team has now expanded, combining science, business, and food to develop unique industry solutions for the next generation of green markets. Since 2019, Terra has gone from a lab bench to product validation all while maintaining a focus on sustainability. Now, Terra is building a circular economy by redirecting spent food byproducts. Terra collaborates with brewing, grain processing, food manufacturing and precision fermentation partners.



We believe that upcycling spent grains into plant-based protein and fermentable sugars is just the beginning. While our sugars provide a useful, rich mixture for precision fermentation, we believe spent grains can be the answer for a sustainable source of sugar isolates and chemical precursors.


We are on a continuous journey to become zero-waste. As a part of our commitment to sustainability, we are exploring ways to use up all of our spent grain inputs while creating more environmentally-friendly products.
Waste not, want not.


Brewers’ spent grains are abundant but so are other spent byproducts from industries. We plan to explore these feedstock options to unlock new products using the same upcycling platform. We have already begun preliminary trials that we plan to expand upon in the years to come.

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Steve George | CEO and Co-Founder

     Originally born in Bombay, India, Steve now resides in Toronto, Canada with his wife and son. Steve describes becoming a father as a real turning point for him and feeling a responsibility to protect the planet for generations to come.

     With years of hands-on experience with industrial process development, Steve is re-imagining how our supply chains work. Steve developed the Terra Bioindustries platform to turn existing production into the beginning of a circular economy. While the upcycling platform already produces two products, the potential to produce more and even use other types of spent grains leads Steve to believe this is just the beginning of an R&D jackpot.

“At heart, I am an environmentalist – I want to make sure that humanity does not wipe out the very ecosystem that supports it. At the same time, I am a realist – I know that “green” solutions will not be widely implemented unless there is a bulletproof business case for them – green solutions have to be profitable. Terra Bioindustries was born of a desire to make a meaningful contribution towards the circular economy of tomorrow.”

Ricardo Martinez | President and Co-Founder

     Ricardo moved from Mexico City to Toronto, Canada for his graduate degree in Chemical Engineering. The contrast between North American abundance and the struggles he witnessed in Mexico is what made him want to tackle resource scarcity on a global scale. Ricardo believes there is a huge opportunity to maximize efficiency for production and lower waste. 

     Ricardo’s years of experience as a process engineer have helped him shape the future of Terra, especially while creating new, circular supply chains for agrifood byproducts. His combination of data science, strategy, and project management skills aid in optimizing Terra’s process. Ricardo believes the right collaborations will shift the paradigm of linear supply chains, benefiting the economy and the environment.

     “I am always challenging conventional ways of creating things and how to make them more sustainable, efficient, and low waste. I want to see Terra Bioindustries collaborating and working with organizations to ensure food security, shorter supply chains, maximization as opposed to over-exploitation of resources and energy.”


Our team of passionate and diverse individuals has helped to shape the mission and vision of Terra Bioindustries.

Rebecca Palmer

Chief Marketing Officer

Daniel Silberstein

Product Industrialization

Rob Koller

Process Lead

Arushi Sharma

Quality & Food Safety